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Which Online Casino Accreditations are real and which are Just Plain Fake?
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19 November 2011

Players should consider online casino’s accreditations prior to signing up with them. The logos of these ‘seals if approval’ can normally be located at the bottom of the homepage, which you can hover over and they are usually clickable meaning that once clicked, you will be sent directly to the site which approved them for being a ‘fair’, ‘trusted’ or ‘certified’ site. There are several different types of accreditation that combine to make a casino a safe and secure website.

There are certain standards that players will notice with accredited online casinos that weaker online casinos simply won’t have. It’s simple, no certification, don’t trust them. If a casino claims that they are the ‘Number 1 Casino in Europe’, and have this advertised in bright neon letters, it is sure to fool hundreds of people, but where did they obtain this fact, who voted for them to become the ‘Number 1 Casino in Europe’, and what was the organisation that awarded the website with this accreditation?   

This is an obvious example of how some casinos can award themselves with fake accreditations that should simply be ignored. It is hard for a ‘newbie’ (new player) to ever realise that these websites will say anything to get you to sign up. Unfortunately many players get misled.   

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