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Top US Restaurant Review - Durgin-Park
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23 June 2009

Top US Restaurant Review - Durgin-Park

Most restaurants in the world are easily identified by their clientele, menu, or the aesthetic nature of the building. With Durgin-Park, Boston's most famous restaurant, it's hard to tell exactly what you're getting unless you actually go there. The restaurant is a true contradiction, seating some of the world's most successful businessmen, but serving “everyday” items at prices that rival fast food restaurants. It's clear to see why people come from far and wide to enjoy a dish at Durgin-Park, and it's impossible to miss the quaint elegance of this age-old establishment.

Durgin-Park Café is located in downtown Boston and offers casual dining to anyone who really wishes to enjoy good, old fashioned grub. They mainly deal in seafood and prime rib, but other dishes are available. The cooks dishing up the delights aren't the pretentious, take-it-my-way chefs that you'll find in other restaurants; instead, the short-order style cooking is more like an all-night diner. The service staff, better known as just plain “waitresses,” is famous at Durgin-Park. Lucky guests, or unlucky, as it were, may run into a moody waitress who's quick to tell you where to put your dinner plate. The food served consistently earns high marks.

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