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Goldvish Le Million Mobile Phone Review
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13 June 2010

Goldvish Le Million Mobile Phone ReviewThere’s no question that technology is moving up in both style and price. Function doesn’t necessarily need to be groundbreaking, but add-on features will certainly make or break any new design to hit the market. Cellular phones rely solely on popularity these days, since all basically perform the same function – and the Goldvish Le Million is popular for a few reasons.

For starters, the name “Le Million” isn’t a coincidence. It costs around a million dollars (or more depending on your currency). Golvish Le Million stands out as one of the most lavish gadgets ever to hit the market. It’s an updated version of the Goldvish Queen and is marketed solely to an affluent audience wishing to make a statement with their choice of cell phone.

The body of the Goldvish is really what makes it stand out from other phones. The million-dollar model is 18k gold covered with grade 1 diamonds available and is available in pink, yellow or white.

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