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The Enormous West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, China
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29 September 2009

The Enormous West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, ChinaThroughout man’s evolution, every one of us has thought of ways to do things on a bigger scale than our predecessors. From caves to huts, from huts to high-rises, our one-upmanship in the name of progression literally knows no bounds. This is exemplified by the Chinese and their West Lake restaurant in the province of Changsha.

Employing a staff of over 1,000 and seating roughly 5,000 hungry diners, the West Lake restaurant is the world’s largest Chinese restaurant and number-two on the list of the biggest in general behind the 6,014-seat Damascus Gate in Syria.

West Lake is much more like the Mall of America than what you’d expect a typical Chinese restaurant to be. It’s open, very expansive, and features a host of other things to do besides eat. The restaurant was created by Qin Linzi, a business woman whose vision has inspired the residents of Changsha and beyond.

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