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Top Restaurant Review - El Bulli, Spain
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04 April 2009

Top Restaurant Review - El Bulli, Spain

For a good restaurant, winning an honor such as the “World's Best” is a title that comes around once in a lifetime. Spain's famous restaurant, El Bulli, has received that honor multiple times, however, making it one of the few restaurants on the planet to make excellence a standard and not simply an occasional accoutrement.

The record-setting four-time title was given in 2002, 06, 07 and 08 by “Restaurant,” Britain's top magazine for chefs. This three Michelin starred restaurant is also one of the hardest to get into. If you're looking to enjoy the fine cuisine here, you better be prepared to wait.

Dr. Hans Schilling, a German with a flare for fine food, found and purchased the El Bulli site in 1961. The actual name, “El Bulli,” came from the French bulldogs owned by the Schilling's. After three years of construction and fine tuning, the restaurant was first opened in 1964. From the very first dish served by Chef Jean-Louis Neichel, it was clear that El Bulli was a fine-dining establishment.

It was award its first Michelin star in 1976. Ferran Adria, the head chef of the restaurant today, joined the staff back in 1984.

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