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Get Down with the Beat: New York Hip Hop Tours
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13 April 2011

The music world is revived with the upbeat tunes of a new genre in late 1970s. This genre has not only brought about new entries into the music scene but has developed a culture of its own, namely hip hop. The hip hop culture originated from the urban South Bronx in the United States by the African Americans.

The Harlem-Bronx New York Hip Hop Tours provide the opportunity for people to explore and learn this distinct culture; starting at the birthplace itself! The offered tours provide an insight into the basic elements of the hip hop culture; music, dance and art graffiti. There are selections of tours which can be booked through the two main companies; Hush Hip Hop Tours and Harlem Hip-Hop Tours.

Hush Hip Hop Tours have more varieties of tours to choose from while the Harlem Hip-Hop Tours offer just one type of tour which is the “Hip-Hop On. Hip-Hop Off. Tour”. One thing in common though, the tours by both companies are conducted by hip hop legends whom are sure to provide a lively tour experience to the crowd.You will sure be entertained by the live DJ and emcees throughout the tour.

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