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Craps: Is There Any Strategy Involved?
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11 February 2013

Craps is all luck, there’s no skill involved.” This half-truth is often heard around the casino. It’s true that all casino games have an element of luck, and craps is no exception. After all, the entire game is based on the outcome of rolling dice. Due to the nature of the game, onlookers often question if there is any strategy involved.

Even though it is a luck-driven game, you can develop a winning strategy. You must begin by preparing yourself before you even visit the casino. Next, you’ll need to understand some basic mathematical principles behind the game and which types of bets are worth your time. Although you may not be able to strategize as much as other games, you can become a skilled player.

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How to play craps for the first time in Las Vegas
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18 August 2011

The whole concept of crap is that it is a fast moving game that gets punters on their toes and for those who know and play the game routinely, shouting out their bets and throwing chips on the table for dealers to maneuver to where they need to be placed, it is a really great casino game to play.

Watching dealers seemingly and smoothly whipping the chips away and then stacking a load and pushing them over to a player who has presumably just won, you realize that no -  he hasn’t won - he has just bought into the game. In short to a new comer it looks like organized mayhem that is really hard to understand.

Playing craps for the first time can be a nerve racking experience but there are certain tips and pointers that may help calm those shaking hands and get the dice rolling. The best time to go and chance your luck on the dice table is when it is quiet in the casino, mid-week is usually a good time with hotel rooms costing that much less and with less people around you will not have to wait in line to get anything.

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