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Luxury Villas for Rent - Villa Rosemarine, Dalmatian Riviera, Croatia
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12 September 2010

The Villa Rosemarine is one of the premier private locations in the Croatian area. This one-of-a-kind villa is located on the Island of Brac, one of the foremost destinations of the renowned Dalmatian Riviera. The Villa Rosemarine is turning heads for a few reasons other than its prime location, too. This recently renovated villa is certainly a Croatian area highlight.

Overlooking the waters of the Adriatic, the Villa Rosemarine is in a prime location sheltered by the surrounding trees yet still open to the sunset. The south end of the villa offers panoramic views of the entire chain of Dalmatian Islands, making this waterfront villa a sightseer’s paradise.

Croatia doesn’t usually hold the same tourism appeal as some other locations around the globe, so the designers made sure no expense was spared when reconstructing Villa Rosemarine. The white-stone front of the villa is the exact same material used on the White House in the United States and also on the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, England.

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