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Meet the Teeth at the Singapore Crocodilarium
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09 March 2011

Singapore, a seemingly unseen island on the globe stores many wonders to be discovered. One of them would be the Singapore Crocodilarium, located at the south of the island along the East Coast Parkway. Whether you are travelling with family or friends, a visit to this tourist spot is guaranteed to be an eye opener.

The Singapore Crocodilarium may sound like any typical crocodilian farm that you can find around Asia but it is not. In fact, it houses more than 1000 types of reptiles besides crocodiles and is the largest enclosed crocodilian farm in South East Asia. Normal visits usually last about 2 hours and the ticket price is a total steal; only S$2 for adults and S$1 for children.

Walking by the forum area, visitors get to be up close and personal with the crocodilians as they are displayed at a really close range. The workers at the Crocodilarium are familiar with these reptiles and visitors can ask them any questions about these reptiles. Children especially love these scary, wrinkly creatures and there is also a session when visitors are allowed to feed the young.

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