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Damascus Gate Restaurant, The Worlds Largest Restaurant
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04 July 2009

Damascus Gate Restaurant, The Worlds Largest RestaurantMost high-end restaurants you’ll ever visit are medium-sized, able to handle relatively large crowds if need be, but better equipped to keep the numbers low. Other restaurants are a bit larger, offering a cafeteria-like setting, handling hundreds of people within its walls.

One restaurant, the world’s largest, by far, is like an amusement park. There’s really no logical way to describe the sheer size of Syria’s Damascus Gate. The gargantuan scale restaurant primarily serves people outside. It’s an actual replica of the famous Damascus Gate and has a working waterfall on the premises.

The restaurant is owned by esteemed businessman Shaker Samman who built the restaurant in hopes of topping Syria’s list of the areas largest. However, once word spread about this massive eatery, representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records made the trek and named Damascus Gate as the largest restaurant in the entire world. No pun intended, but that’s certainly no small feat. The world is packed with enormous restaurants, although many are not high-end; Damascus dwarfs them all with room to spare.

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