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The World Famous Jabbawockeez
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03 September 2011

The incredible success that the famous Jabbawockeez dance crew has enjoyed over the last few months in Las Vegas has convinced the president of Monte Carlo, Anton Nikodemus,  to rebook them to give more shows at the resort in October 2011 of this year.

He was so impressed by the immediate sell out of the initial performances and clearly appreciated how the now world acclaimed JBWKZ dance show called ‘MUS.I.C.’ added a sensational new option of entertainment to all the guests at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino that he felt the need to do this.

The aptly named show has been described as ‘an audio-visual story of inspiration’ and HBWK clearly bought an enhanced level of thrilling shows to the resort to merit being rebooked. Needless to say Jabbawockee are pretty thrilled to be included as a ‘family member’ of such a prestigious group. Fred Nguyen put it very succinctly when he told the press that the dance crew thought the success they had enjoyed at the resort was one they had always wished would happen, he said they found it to be a ‘truly humbling’ experience.

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