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My Deposit Hasn't Arrived in My Account Yet, What Should I Do?
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10 June 2015

Making a deposit in to your favourite online gaming account is relatively straightforward and most deposits are processed in a matter of seconds, but what should you do if the transaction seems to have gone through ok, but the money hasn’t yet arrived in your gaming account? Before you start pulling your hair out and think that you have been scammed, you could just wait a few more minutes for the cash to arrive.

You should always see some kind of popup confirmation appear on the screen as soon as the deposit has successfully been processed, so if you haven’t seen this message then perhaps some kind of minor technical glitch occurred just at the wrong time. Check your bank account or your e-wallet account history to find out whether or not the money was actually taken out. If you are using a prepaid card (such as Ukash or paysafecard), you may want to try re-entering your voucher number and then go through the same deposit process again. If it now says that the prepaid voucher code is invalid then you know that an issue has definitely occurred. In this case you need to get in touch with the casino straight away.

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