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World's Top Watchmakers - Bulgari
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17 June 2009

World's Top Watchmakers - Bulgari

A good watch is often considered to be one of the finest instances of craftsmanship on the planet. The best watches, the timeless classics, can cost a small fortune. They're more than timepieces; they're small marvels of human ingenuity that you can't rightly put value on.

One of the world's finest watch brands is Bulgari. For over 100 years, Bulgari has been a driving force of innovation in the watch-making world. Their brand has expanded to include clothes, other jewelry, fragrances, and more, but to most, they'll always be craftsmen of fine timepieces.

Although their brand is pushing over 100 years old, their legacy dates back thousands of years. The Bulgari family is a direct descendent of an ancient line of Greek silversmiths. If predisposition plays any factor at all in the way people live their lives, the Bulgari's were destined to be craftsmen.

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