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Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play
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27 August 2012

DA VINCI DIAMONDS DUAL PLAY is an online slots game developed by International Games Technology with 5 reels and 20 paylines x2. What this means is that this unique game features two sets of reels that you can spin at once, putting an interesting new twist on the latest game in the popular Da Vinci Diamonds series, both of which can be found at moneygaming.com.

As you will find with the original Da Vinci Diamonds online slots game, Dual Play features a Renaissance theme, complete with depictions of Da Vinci's most renowned works of art. The rest of the symbols are beautifully-rendered jewels, each of which pays out generous cash prizes when they appear on the same payline.

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The Ultimate Gift for that Special Lady - Tiffany & Co. Majestic Diamond Necklace
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20 August 2010

The Ultimate Gift for that Special Lady - Tiffany & Co. Majestic Diamond NecklaceDiamonds have been one of the world’s most precious gems for millennia. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew they had something special on their hands when they found these crystalline carbon deposits, and these rare stones have only grown more popular with age – so much so that many labs in the world actually create diamonds now.

There are hundreds of slogans that go along with diamonds, claiming everything from their infinity to their friendly relationship with women. Over the years, diamonds have sealed the deal for weddings, helped many a-man with an apology and, of course, simply made for the ultimate gift.

Tiffany & Co. has been one of the big players in the diamond market in recent years, and one of their most prized - and most expensive - pieces is the Majestic Diamond Necklace.

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Goldvish Le Million Mobile Phone Review
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13 June 2010

Goldvish Le Million Mobile Phone ReviewThere’s no question that technology is moving up in both style and price. Function doesn’t necessarily need to be groundbreaking, but add-on features will certainly make or break any new design to hit the market. Cellular phones rely solely on popularity these days, since all basically perform the same function – and the Goldvish Le Million is popular for a few reasons.

For starters, the name “Le Million” isn’t a coincidence. It costs around a million dollars (or more depending on your currency). Golvish Le Million stands out as one of the most lavish gadgets ever to hit the market. It’s an updated version of the Goldvish Queen and is marketed solely to an affluent audience wishing to make a statement with their choice of cell phone.

The body of the Goldvish is really what makes it stand out from other phones. The million-dollar model is 18k gold covered with grade 1 diamonds available and is available in pink, yellow or white.

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Company History on De Beers, 100 years in Diamonds
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30 August 2009

Company History on De Beers, 100 years in DiamondsDe Beers is the head of an extremely large diamond company, dealing in various facets of the diamond market, including mining and exploration, manufacturing, selling and trading. The company was founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes, and for over 100 years, De Beers has been an essential player in the diamond market.

They’re active in every major category of mining, like underground, large-scale, deep sea, and other mining exploits in Namibia, Canada, South Africa and Botswana. The company employs roughly 20,000 people and it earns an estimated $6 billion annually.

The De Beers diamond company basically controls the flow of diamonds in many countries around the globe. They’ve been labeled as a cartel and even viewed as cruel in some circles. This is no doubt due to their founding principles.

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How diamonds are valued and cut
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05 September 2008

How diamonds are valued and cutIf you’ve been wondering how diamonds are valued exactly, you may be surprised to learn that it’s fairly simple. Rough diamonds, freshly plucked from the “wild” have a good value, but don’t sell for high prices on the common market.

What diamond lovers seek is the sleek cut of the stone; something that can be displayed or set in jewelry. Because of this, the value of a diamond runs concurrent with how it is cut. Other factors of a diamond’s value also include things such as clarity, color, and carat. But the cut of the diamond is ultimately its best selling feature.

All diamonds are separated and graded based on their four separate characteristics. This is done at a heavily guarded center, such as the DTC. The clearer a diamond is the more value it has. If you notice, all of the diamonds you see on television and in magazines are absolutely transparent and colorless for the most part. But that’s for aesthetic purposes more than anything.

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How diamonds are mined
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25 August 2008

How diamonds are minedDiamonds are forever, a girls best friend, and downright expensive. In order to put that diamond ring on your finger, someone has to mine, ship, process, inspect, polish, set, and ultimately sell that diamond. With all of these various steps, it’s no wonder why diamonds are among the world’s most expensive items. Of every diamond mined throughout the world every year, far less than half will be gem quality. What happens to the rest of the diamonds?

They’re put into two other categories: Near-gem quality, and industrial quality. In order to be stamped as gem quality, diamonds must display the highest standard of excellence. Trained eyes painstakingly seek out any flaws. If a diamond isn’t up to par, it never will be. It’s hit or miss in the diamond industry. But before they can be professionally graded, the diamonds must be mined.

Diamonds are mined throughout the world, most notably in Africa where the diamond trade has been the root of many evils. In order to mine the gems, two methods are used: Pipe mining or alluvial mining. The first, pipe mining, refers to the extraction of diamonds from volcanic pipes. This is a lengthy process which covers tremendous ground. On average, 250 tons of ore must be mined before a one-carat gem quality diamond is produced.

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