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Top Vegas Shows - Donny and Marie at The Flamingo
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11 April 2010

Top Vegas Shows - Donny and Marie at The FlamingoLas Vegas travelers usually have a basic idea of what to expect in the true city that never sleeps. With plenty of casinos, all-night buffets, city-wide mafia tours and enough disrobed women to start a nudist colony, one may think that former child stars and clean-cut Mormons Donny and Marie would stand out in Vegas like a sore thumb.

However, the brother-sister duo has been headlining at the Flamingo for a few years now, and their act continues to grow in popularity. I guess, in Vegas, nothing’s shocking anymore.

Donny and Marie have been famous for half a century. Marie, the younger of the siblings, began singing with her famous family of entertainers at only three years of age. Donny, crooner extraordinaire with his hit Puppy Love, was a star on The Andy Williams show at the tender age of five. Over the years, the duo has made a comfortable living entertaining.

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