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Doyle Brunson, the legendary Poker Player
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07 October 2008

Doyle Brunson, the legendary Poker PlayerVery few men can put the fear of God into a person while sitting in a chair, wearing a cowboy hat with a smile on their face. A throwback to the Wild West, gun slinging legends, Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson commands respect at a poker table. At 72 years of age, Doyle has been playing poker for over 50 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Born in Longworth, Texas in 1933, Doyle Brunson grew up a gifted athlete. He played baseball and ran track for his school, but it was basketball at which he excelled. He was a member of the All-State Texas basketball team, and was actually drafted by the Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA.

But after suffering a severe accident at work, Doyle’s basketball career was cut short. After the sporting days were over, Doyle turned the focus on his education. He earned a Master’s degree in Administrative Education. It was in college where Doyle started gambling to support himself and pay tuition. After realizing he could make good money gambling, he made it a full-time job.

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