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Tournament of Kings at Excalibur
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12 March 2010

Tournament of Kings at ExcaliburMost people in the world have a keen interest with the past, especially medieval times. Any series or movie dealing with kings and knights is sure to be a hit with its particular niche, and various festivals and fairs take place all over the globe, celebrating the bygone era. Though, perhaps no festival is as popular as Las Vegas Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings show has been taking place for years in Las Vegas. It has been featured in many movies and TV shows, including Ozzy’s hit reality show. You can find the show happening two times every night at King Arthurs Arena in Excalibur on Las Vegas Boulevard. Its also rather affordable, costing around 60 bucks per ticket.

Tournament of Kings is definitely Sin City’s most popular interactive show. The premise is as simple as it can possibly be, while ironically being wholly elaborate. As a guest, you’re seated in one of eight sections, representing a country, and you become a patron of that country’s king (or the evil knight) and an onlooker as he fights.

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