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Las Vegas Earth Hour
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19 August 2011

For a second time since Earth Hour first started, Las Vegas told the world that it cared about climate change. In startling darkness the normally super-lit city plunged into darkness at 8.30 pm to join forces with other cities all over the globe and on seven continents and be seen (or not) as caring about energy conservation in Nevada.

For many who were just arriving the normally glitzy, illuminated ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas ‘ wasn’t turned on to bid them welcome and this was met with surprise and disappointment, especially because many first time visitors could not take any of the photos they had planned to get of the city.

Many residents knew something was different about Vegas but even though there were many lights turned off at the well known venues and casinos in the city it wasn’t until it was explained to them what was happening that they agreed that it was a good thing for the city to do. Many residents thought Earth Hour in Las Vegas was ‘really cool’ and a few thought the organizers should do it every evening which is if you think about it is a better than good idea.

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