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The Electric Aircraft Yuneec E430
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25 February 2011

The Electric Aircraft Yuneec E430 is an aircraft that was designed to bring flight to a wider commercial audience and it has certainly succeeded. This is a two seater, single engine aircraft that is in the LSA class and it has a significant advantage over many other aircrafts – it runs entirely on electricity. The aircraft’s cost is very reasonable when compared to many other models and this makes it incredibly popular.

The E430 is very lightweight and can be charged from a 230 power point, the kind that can be found in the majority of homes. It only takes around three hours to be fully charged which is an incredibly fast charging time, especially when it is compared to many of the electric cars that are on the market right now. As soon as the aircraft has been fully charged it is able to fly for around 2 1/2 hours.

The wingspan of the Electric Aircraft Yuneec E430 is 4.2 feet and the length of the fuselage is 21.9 feet making it reasonably compact and easy to store. The aircraft weighs in at a lightweight 392 lbs and it only needs to be loaded to 430 lbs in order for it to be able to take off safely. It runs off a lithium polymer battery which can be easily recharged from a domestic power source.

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