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Stage and Screen Acting Legend - Ellen Burstyn
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18 February 2010

Stage and Screen Acting Legend - Ellen BurstynEdna Rae Gillooly, better known as Ellen Burstyn was born in Detroit Michigan on December 7th, 1932. When Ellen Burstyn was in High School she spent a great deal of her time dancing, cheerleading and was even on the student council. She also spent some time modeling for a local department store. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an actress so she devoted a lot of her time to her craft.

Ellen Burstyn eventually decided that an academic education was not in the cards for her so she quit school in 1950 to get married. This marriage only lasted five years. When the marriage was over she began to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She eventually found work in a Montreal Nightclub as a dancer and in 1957 she landed the leading role in a play called Fair Game.

Ellen Burstyn appeared to have a natural gift for acting, her role in Fair Game was granted many positive reviews. However, stage performing was not enough for her so she went on to conquer Hollywood next and she managed to land guest roles on a couple of television series using the name Ellen McCrae. She got married to Neil Burstyn during this time and had a son with him in 1962.

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The Rise of the Cirque Du Soleil Circus in Las Vegas
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10 March 2008

Eight time winner of the Las Vegas Best Production Show for Mystére, Circque Du Soleil is also winner of several other awards, including four Primetime Emmy Awards, a Bambi Award and three Gemini Awards.

The Cirque Du Soleil Circus currently is operating five permanent shows in the city of Las Vegas with plans for three additional Las Vegas productions. Considering that the first of the permanent Las Vegas productions did not open until the year 1993, the phenomenal success of the company is laudable.

Prior to Las Vegas, the company had several years of struggle and financial setbacks. Several times, Cirque Du Soleil (literally Circus of the Sun) narrowly escaped financial ruin. To go from those beginnings to a estimated annual revenue of $600 million. In Las Vegas alone, the existing Cirque Du Soleil performers play to over 9000 people daily. That's about one in every twenty people who visit the city daily.

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