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Sin City Bad Girls Show in Las Vegas
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24 August 2009

Sin City Bad Girls Show in Las VegasLas Vegas is changing, almost everyone can see that - but try as they might to break free from the Sinatra era and the burlesque styles, show producers always find that classic appeal is where the money’s at. Recently, Peepshow, a new take on a classic burlesque feature, opened and became an instant hit. Hoping to recreate the magic, the Las Vegas Hilton has just very recently opened their newest nude production, Sin City Bad Girls.

Sin City Bad Girls was created by Glenn Medas, a reputable entertainment exec, and Michael Chambers, an Emmy Award-winning choreographer. Both men know that there’s a simple formula to getting a Vegas show off the ground: The women must be gorgeous.

For this, they went after a celebrity of the Vegas ilk - former Christina Aguilera impersonator of “American Superstars” fame, Lorena Peril. Behind Peril’s good looks and incredible voice, the duo cast 7 other beautiful showgirls to complete the ensemble. Sin City Bad Girls is a visual and auditory treat from the start thanks to Peril and the ensuing eye candy.

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