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Company Overview of Aircraft Manufacturers Eclipse Aviation Corporation
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01 June 2010

Company Overview of Aircraft Manufacturers Eclipse Aviation CorporationTechnically, the Eclipse Aviation Corporation no longer exists. In 2009, a group of investors formed to purchase the company’s assets and subsequently named it Eclipse Aerospace. However, the company is in limbo at the moment, and they’re in the process of funding manufacturing and employee hires.

The original company was the manufacturer of the Eclipse 500. This lightweight jet was popular for a while, but obviously not popular enough to carry the company. Back in 1998, Vern Raburn founded the Eclipse Aviation Corporation with the help from his former boss, Bill Gates. Bill became a major shareholder and the company first took off in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While planning for the twin-engine Eclipse 500, the company relocated to Albuquerque and began to manufacture their first prototype of the jet in 2001. The first design concepts were all wrong. The engines being used were not right for the jet’s overall design, and production was scrapped and the team went back to the drawing board.

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