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Luxury travel baggage brand Mandarina Duck
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11 May 2009

Luxury travel baggage brand Mandarina DuckFor people who know anything about fashion, Italy is often cited as the original home to the majority of popular fashion brands of the world. Mandarina Duck is no exception. Known primarily for their high-end luggage and travel accessories, Mandarina Duck is headquartered in Bologna, Italy, and has also stretched as far as Barcelona, London, Dusseldorf, and Paris.

Instead of fashioning a name and logo after the names of their founders, a mandarina duck is actually a real breed of the fowl that lives on the Ussuri River on the border of China and Russia.

Mandarina Duck didn’t start out as a high-end luggage producer. The founders, Paolo Tento and Pietro Mannato, childhood friends, were once in the market of producing head-sealed produced. In 1976, after a decade-long design stint in the heating front, the duo decided to form Mandarina Duck.

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