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Luxurious Cars - The Ferrari 458 Italia
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16 May 2010

Luxurious Cars - The Ferrari 458 ItaliaThe Italian-made Ferrari has been one of the biggest-selling sports cars of all time. Not only do the cars look sleek and stylish and like something you’d see in the sky as opposed to on the ground, but they’re also extremely well built, lightning fast and rugged enough to hold up to the rigors of prolonged high performance. One of the newest Ferrari’s is the 458 Italia.

The 458 Italia came along to replace the Ferrari F430. Not that the F430 was obsolete or a lesser car by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just common practice with a lot of automakers to bring in the new to get out with the old.

Unlike Ferrari models of the past, this new design wasn’t really based on any old design of street model car, per se. Instead, Ferrari used their experience with Formula 1 racing and new technologies and designs to piece together the 458. The results speak for themselves.

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