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Ferragamo goes Green with Eco Ferragamo
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23 January 2009

Ferragamo goes Green with Eco Ferragamo

With the strong emphasis placed on healing the planet these days, even fast food restaurants are attempting to “go green.” This watching of one's carbon footprint is a direct result of a heating planet - or global warming. As mankind is faced with the threat of mass extinction (as a worst-case scenario), millions of people have banded together in an attempt to reverse these potentially dire effects. Ferragamo, a famed fashion brand, has even jumped aboard the trend and introduced a new line of environmentally-friendly handbags: Eco Ferragamo.

The Ferragamo line of fashion was introduced in the early 1900s by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. Salvatore worked with and designed fashions for many of the United States' most rich and famous during the 1920s. He then returned to Italy where he founded the eponymous company, which specialized in designing unique hand-made footwear. Ferragamo's approach to fashion was more science-driven, as he made many innovations in the world of fashion, such as the wedge and cage heel. As more and more film stars continued their love affair with Ferragamo's fashions - even after his death - the Ferragamo line became a fashion empire that now spans the entire globe.

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