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Classic Cars 1968 Ferrari 330gtc
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06 February 2011

At the 1966 Geneva Motor Show the Ferrari 330 GTC was first unveiled to an eager audience who were keen to see the new car that Ferrari had produced. The car was intended to fit between production of the Ferrari 275 GTB and the Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 models which had been made in the previous and consecutive years. The 330 GTC mixed fantastic handling with a 4 litre engine, the classic looks of the 275 and a chassis that was suspended.

One of the reasons that this classic car handled so well was down to its rear suspension, which was initially introduced on the Ferrari 275 GTB. The gearbox was now in the suspension at the rear of the car via a transaxle which gave the 330 GTC even more power than previous models. This meant that individuals who were looking for a powerful and responsive car found it in the Ferrari 330 GTC.

The top speed of the classic 1968 Ferrari GTC was 150 miles per hour and it took just 6.9 seconds for the car to go from 0 -60 miles per hour. As shown this car was superfast and it was a definite pleaser for car fans who wanted to have plenty of power behind them while they were in the driver’s seat. In fact to show just how fast this car accelerated it took just 16.7 seconds for the car to go from 0 -100 miles per hour.

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