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City review of Baltimore, MD
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03 February 2011

Baltimore is located in the state of Maryland and it is an independent city that is the largest of its kind in the United States. Many people have overlooked Baltimore and not consider it as a place to spend part of a holiday. However after reading a city review of Baltimore, MD you may very well change your mind as there is a surprising amount of things to see and do in this exciting city.

Firstly there is an abundance of museums in Baltimore and this is something that many people are surprised to learn. The Antique Toy Museum is a must for any toy fans and fans of baseball will be keen to visit the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Memorial. In fact with well over 30 museums in the area it is easy to see why Baltimore is a favoured place for people who like to visit these attractions.

Baltimore is also home to the National Aquarium that has in excess of 650 different species of animals. It has plenty of attractions inside to keep even the busiest of children occupied and its multiple story shark tank is absolutely amazing to see. In 2006 Coastal Living voted the National Aquarium as the number one aquarium in the United States.

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