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Ultimate Gifts - Zero Gravity (Zero G) Flight
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08 September 2010

There are only so many gifts out there you can give someone before you run the gamut on ordinary. Shoes, jewelry, fragrances, gift certificates, etc – it’s all been done to death and then some. If you’re looking to get someone a truly unforgettable gift, even if it’s for yourself, then a zero gravity flight will definitely stand out as extraordinary.

A zero gravity flight doesn’t hold much mystery. You’ll be getting exactly what it sounds like – a zero gravity experience. With the Zero G experience flight offered in Russia, you’ll be carried high up into the clouds via a jumbo jet and then begin a free fall where you will experience weightlessness.

Without the restrictions of gravity, you’ll be free to literally float around the large cabin of the plane. It’s like taking a space flight, minus the scenery and 99% of the risks associated with space travel, and you’ll experience the weightlessness for a few moments at a time. After the plane reaches a certain altitude, it will then climb back up and drop again.

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