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The Four Seasons Ty Warner Penthouse
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30 November 2008

The Four Seasons Ty Warner Penthouse

New York New York, big city of dreams. We've all heard that line before. And if you've ever ventured into Manhattan, the grandiose displays of ultra-luxurious hotels and mega-expansive buildings do look somewhat like a dream.

On the “Luxist List,” a well-regarded poll of the world's most expensive and elegant places to stay, the Ty Warner penthouse tops the 10-most list at number-one. Available at the Four Seasons in Manhattan, the Ty Warner room is an insanely popular draw. However, more people like to talk about it than purchase a night's stay in the posh penthouse. Ty Warner is the CEO of Ty Inc., creator of the Beanie Babies and owner of the Four Seasons. His estimated net worth is around $6-billion.

The Ty Warner Penthouse cost $50-million to construct, and was designed by acclaimed architect I.M. Pei, Peter Marino, and Ty Warner even lent a helping hand. The breathtaking views of Manhattan are literally indescribable.

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