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World's Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs - Hurlingham Club, London
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17 December 2009

World's Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs - Hurlingham Club, LondonFounded in 1869, the Hurlingham Club is a very popular sports club in Fulham, London, England. It sits on the banks of the River Thames in Fulham and the beautiful building is the centerpiece of a lush 42-acre plot. The look and feel of Hurlingham isn’t very different than that of a lavish golf course. However, Hurlingham offers much more than simply golf.

Members have tennis courts, croquet, cricket, bowls, squash, and even swimming - indoor or outdoor - to keep them entertained. Apart from football, the club has every essential English sport covered. There’s also a full gymnasium on the grounds, and members also participate in backgammon, bridge and chess matches.

The only way that an individual can gain membership into the club is to be recommended and then seconded by at least two currently full-time members at Hurlingham. Currently, the waiting list for membership is rather long, and the only exceptions made for additional members are children of current members, who receive preferential treatment over others. Currently, Hurlingham has over 10,000 members, and new members are expected to wait over 15 years to be accepted.

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