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Top US Restaurant Review - Jeanty at Jack's, San Francisco
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12 July 2009

Top US Restaurant Review - Jeanty at Jack's, San Francisco

There's no other industry in the entire world as uncertain and prone to failure as the restaurant business. The vast majority of restaurants fail within the first year, and those that do make it past that all-important milestone are guaranteed to lose sufficient ground within the first five. It takes the perfect trifecta of food, ambiance and dumb luck to stay in business. Even a world renowned restaurant in 2008 could be wiped off the map by 2009. We find this to be painfully true with one of San Francisco, California's most impressive restaurants, Jeanty at Jack's.

Unfortunately, due to California's ongoing battle to stave off out-and-out bankruptcy, many of the state's businesses are failing. It's an all-to-common situation in these times of economic uncertainty, and Jeanty at Jack's is just the latest in a long line of otherwise reputable establishments to bite the bullet and yield the inevitable and unstoppable winds of change. While it was open, Jeanty at Jack's, with its bright red corner-shop location, was a very popular eatery for permanent residents and tourists alike.

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