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City Review of Sunrise Manor
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26 August 2010

City Review of Sunrise ManorOne of the biggest downsides to being located so close to Las Vegas, Nevada is that regardless of what is offered as a standalone territory it’s all overshadowed by the world’s biggest gambling Mecca. This has a positive effect on tourism in most cases, as most people travel to the area and find places like Sunrise Manor on their own, but it also results in a serious lack of identity.

Sunrise Manor is a census-designated place on the outskirts of Las Vegas, located within Clark County, Nevada. This means that it’s not technically its own city; it’s just a designed part of Las Vegas. However, if Sunrise Manor were to ever be incorporated, it would become one of the largest cities in the entire state.

Sunrise Manor is currently best known for two things: its immediate proximity to the city of Las Vegas, and its place at the seat of Frenchman Mountain. With a population of almost 200,000, Sunrise Manor is definitely a popular location to live, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, parks and upscale neighborhoods.

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