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Carrot Top Keeps The Audience in Stitches at The Luxor Las Vegas
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25 March 2010

Carrot Top Keeps The Audience in Stitches at The Luxor Las VegasNot every comic out there can make a living with stage props and one-liners. It takes a certain kind of genius to be able to pull that off on a regular basis. Just ask Gallagher, with his fruit-smashing extravaganza. Following in similar footsteps, Carrot Top is one of Vegas’ hottest comics, and his "aw shucks" humor mixed with a unique prop set has been popular for years.

However, one would be severely remiss to classify Carrot Top as a mere prop comic. This guy has been a world-famous comic for over a decade, appearing in movies, on Comedy Central, on a variety of late night talk shows, and he’s a regular at the time honored celebrity roasts. A simple prop comic couldn’t pull that off.

Currently, Carrot Top is playing at the Luxor in Las Vegas, and this show, ever-changing as it is, opens to a packed house nearly every night. The 90-minute show isn’t necessarily raunchy, but Carrot Top does use a fair bit of foul language, so all guests must be at least 18 years old to enter.

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