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How to Really Gamble Responsibly Online & Setting Limits
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27 April 2015

Gambling online in the real money mode can become a problem for some players, but there are plenty of effective techniques that you can use at an online casino to improve the way in which you manage your bankroll. However, if you do already have a gambling problem or if you feel as though you have an addictive personality then perhaps the best thing to do would be to avoid visiting online casinos altogether.

There are lots of charitable, non-profit organisations out here today and they are designed to help problem gamblers by offering free support & guidance. Some of the main organisations include Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare and Gamble Aware These are just three places that you can go to if you feel as though you or a friend/family member has developed some kind of gambling problem.

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Who's filling the USA gap?
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18 August 2012

Many of the companies that offered gambling services to US players were either shut down for business or they had to relocate and operate from a new offshore location. This left US players with very few portals to choose from, especially when compared to the selection that UK, Canadian, European and South African players have available to them.

The main secure portals for US players that keep popping up over and over again when you perform online searches include websites such as All Star Slots, Club USA (Club World), BetOnline, Win Palace Casino, Grand Parker Casino and of course Bovada (formerly Bodog but recently rebranded). Bovada remains the most popular out of all of these.

As of December 2011, online gamblers from the US could no longer place real cash wagers at bodog, which is why the company rebranded to Bovada.

Most US players will now be familiar with the Bovada brand. This secure gambling portal is accessible for US players. It is owned by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group and in addition to using Realtime Gaming software it has also incorporated its very own proprietary software and Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software into its platform. Bovada has a modern and stylish feel and the smooth interface is extremely user-friendly.

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The social predicament of online betting
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03 August 2012

Over the past few years and with the advent of online gambling, it seems as though gambling in general is becoming frighteningly and increasingly more socially acceptable. Young and old can now place a bet at the click of the button, whether they are at home or even now on-the-go via the use of a mobile device. It isn’t the view anymore that gambling is a ‘mug’s game’ or that gambling is purely for degenerates.

Everyone is getting in on the action. With all this gambling on the TV and on the internet, we are without a doubt breeding a new generation of hardcore gamblers across the nation. For some people, gambling is something to be done at certain times of the year when famous events take place such as the Grand National horse race or the footballing FA Cup Final. But for others, the freedom to gamble online has really opened up a can of worms.

Unfortunately for many, gambling is starting to take hold of people’s lives and although (as mentioned) we know that is has become a more socially acceptable ‘pastime’, gambling is still the destroyer of worlds.

Just like any other addiction, whether it’s of the drug or alcohol kind, gambling can turn into a major problem if you are not careful. Sure, there are independent entities and some government-funded organisations that can help gambling addicts, but only a very small minority of the population that even recognise they have a problem will actively seek help.

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