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Will online gambling grow again now that USA is starting to open it's doors?
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17 August 2012

Since December of 2011, the US seems to have been making steps which could lead to some forms of online gambling becoming legal. Congress appears to be easing the laws of internet gambling after passing legislation that could mean the re-emergence of the USA as a secure and regulated online gambling zone.

As soon as the majority of states follow in the footsteps of places such as Nevada (therefore having a relaxed approach towards online gambling in general), it will hopefully pave the way for a completely regulated gambling environment that offers players the services and security that they have long been pursuing.

America is certainly beginning to open her doors to online gambling by making some games legal. If all forms of online gambling are to eventually become legal across the nation, it could see games such as poker becoming available almost overnight at a large number of innovative gambling sites which already offer their services to players from around the world.

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