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Gambling Online Law
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21 October 2009

Trying to regulate and control online gambling is extremely difficult given the nature of the industry and the huge availability of casinos and online slots around the internet. Any laws need to be agreed internationally to have an effect on the online gambling industry as countries from all over the world will be affected and obviously these websites on the internet are available worldwide.

No agreements exist at the moment which means that online gambling is still open and available for any users, and due to disagreements between countries at the moment it is likely to be a while before any legislations are put into effect or agreed.

A lot of the interest in online gambling comes from Monaco, Antigua and Belize whose governments are keen to keep online casinos running although the United States is constantly arguing otherwise. The US believe that online gambling is illegal and restrictions should be made to stop it but they are unable to push this belief without destroying their relationships with other countries.

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