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How to help your friend who is a problem gambler
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20 April 2012

There are many ways that you can help a friend who you believe has a gambling problem and the main way is to seek professional help. If you know for sure that your friend has a gambling problem, perhaps you should approach them and try talking to them about it.

If you think that they are just going to bite your head off then you may have to take a different approach. There are major organisations that offer their support and advice and one main organisation that you can turn to for help is gambleaware.co.uk. They promote and educate people about sensible gambling and you will often see their logo at the bottom of an online gambling portal such as an online casino, poker site, sportsbetting site, bingo site or other similar website.

You can simply hover over their logo and click on it to be redirected to their main website.  This organisation is actually administered by a charity known as The GREat Foundation. Their mission is to support initiatives to help reduce the risk of gambling from becoming a major problem in people’s lives.

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