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The oldest online casino
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14 April 2012

The earliest online casinos first started appearing back in the mid 90’s and there has long been debate over who was actually the first ever online casino. You can land on the homepage of several leading online casinos and you will find the sentence “the oldest online casino” or words to that effect, but they can’t all be the oldest.

Many people will argue that Intercasino were the first, others will tell you that Intertops Casino was the first to launch but then many will point out that Gaming Club Casino is the oldest. This section explores the truth behind who is actually the oldest. One thing is for sure though, that both Intercasino and Gaming club are without a doubt two of the oldest online casinos.

If you visit the Gaming Club Casino, you will read the words “1st Online Casino, Est. 1994.” This technically makes them the oldest online casino in the world. However, this fact is slightly misconstrued.

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