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New York City Harbour Lights Night Cruise
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30 June 2011

New York is one of the most memorising cities in the world.  From Broadway to the Statue of Liberty, almost every street is legendary.  However it's only the roads and boardwalks that are special, the river and harbour have their own unique stories to tell.

The best way to witness and understand this is to take a night time cruise.  Make your way to Pier 83 and step aboard your vessel.  Here you can sit in comfort and marvel as your host guides you with a full commentary of your journey.

You can sit and watch the sun setting and the moon rising over the Manhattan Skyline.  As darkness descends you can watch the reflection of the city lights as you view the riverside landmarks.  Some of the sights on the tour include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Ellis Island immigration centre and the Statue of Liberty herself.  Some 12 million immigrants passed by Liberty and went through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954, making it one of the major points of entry for migrants entering America.

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Zeppelin NT Airship
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02 February 2011

Zeppelin NT Airships have been in production since the 1990s and the company behind them are Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH who are a German company. The Zeppelin NT is one of the more modern versions of an airship and unlike its predecessors which were non rigid it is semi rigid in design. This helps the airship to be more structurally sound thanks to an internal trust that is a triangular shape.

Thanks to the frame within the airship it is much safer than the old airships that did not have this kind of internal frame that held the steering fins, engines and control car in place. There are three aviation engines inside the Zeppelin NT which enable it to manoeuvre with ease and make for a really smooth experience whilst inside it. Each of these engines is powered using aviation fuel which is high octane and is often used in racing cars as well as aircraft.

In order to control the Zeppelin NT the pilot will use a joystick and steer the aircraft in one of three directions. The technology that is used in the steering for the Zeppelin NT is known as fly by wire. Fly by wire is a way of controlling flights using electronic signals rather than a slight control which is manual and it is a system that is used in many different types of aircraft today.

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