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Unique Gifts - Hire A Star For A Private Performance
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03 August 2010

Unique Gifts - Hire A Star For A Private PerformanceSome individuals aren’t content to simply pick up a pair of shoes or a tie for a gift. Some like to go all out and splurge on the ultimate gifts, like rare sports cars, yachts, mansions and, in some cases, private bookings from the world’s foremost entertainers.

Whether you’re looking to hire someone to cater to your party or looking to find someone the ultimate gift, booking a private performance by a world famous star is always a great way to go. A famous person playing a personal gig isn’t as rare as you might think. While being the “ultimate,” surely, it’s also a lucrative proposition that most stars do not pass up.

Of course, when you’re talking about getting a private performance from a popular singer or comedian, their popularity will dictate the price. Prices can range from a few thousands dollars to a few hundred thousand for one show; and if you want someone really famous, you’ll have to either work on their schedule or shell out the extra dough.

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