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Top Restaurant Review - Arzak, Spain
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16 April 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Arzak, Spain

Foodies from all over the globe flock to Spain to try the local cuisine. Spain has influenced the entire world in terms of what and how people eat. Other than French, Spanish cuisine is the world's most recognizable; and by sheer numbers, the most popular.

In the lush area of San Sebastian, Spain, the Arzak restaurant gives diners a gastronomical experience they won't soon forget. Arzak is a three-star Michelin rated restaurant that specializes in Basque cooking. Basque refers to the Basque people and includes local meats and fish usually grilled over hot coals. The technique also uses a wide array of pungent spices and sheep's milk cheeses.

Arzak gets it name from head chef and founder Juan Mari Arzak, a celebrated chef who's been cooking and compelling food critics for decades. The restaurant is a family-run business, and Arzak's daughter now shares in the cooking duties. The building is located on the outskirts of San Sebastian and the dining room is spread out over two floors. You get a look and feel of old world Spain as soon as you arrive at Arzak.

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