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Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure
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08 July 2011

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most breath take natural sights in the world.  But it can be hard to really appreciate it in all its glorious wonder from the ground.  So why not view the canyon from above, and while you are there, you can satisfy your inner cowboy and enjoy the experience of a real cattle ranch.

Your journey will start from McCarran International Airport where you will board an exclusive jet helicopter.  All of the seats on the helicopter will offer you an unrivalled view and your pilot will provide you with a running commentary of the tour through your headphones.  Feel free to ask any questions about this memorising natural wonder, your pilot will be happy to assist where they can, as they take you over the Grand Canyon and then descend into it – some 1,500 feet below the rim!

The Grand Canyon itself is around 280 miles long and was carved out by the Colorado River some 17 million years ago.  Nearly 2 billion years of the earth's geological history have become exposed due to the formation of the canyon and this lead to the site becoming one of the first National Parks in the United States.

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Grand Canyon Rafting Trip from Las Vegas an Unforgettable 15 Hours
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29 May 2011

The Grand Canyon has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. The sheer size of the canyon has awe inspiring views that are out of this world whether you are walking along the top of the canyon or white water rafting down below.

The Colorado River offers the best water rafting in the world and with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying this once in a lifetime trip it is no wonder that many tours are now available. The Colorado River is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it flows through the Grand Canyon, rafting down this river is an experience that will thrill and enthral you.

The South Rim and the North Rim of the canyon are linked via Las Vegas, Nevada and the Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon was a favourite hunting ground for President Roosevelt who was a major influence into the entire area becoming a national park.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Day Trip by Coach, Helicopter and Boat with Optional Skywalk
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08 February 2011

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders that attract millions of visitors every year. The massive gorge that the Colorado River has formed stretches 500 miles long, most of which is underneath Lake Powel, and the best place to visit the gorge is in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Although there are various places to visit such as the South and West Rim, the proximity of the West Rim to Las Vegas makes it the ideal location.

The West Rim is on the Hualapai Indian reservation which covers a large area of the Canyon at its deepest point of around 5000 feet and 20 miles wide. The Indian tribe have made this into a tourist attraction with an airfield, visitor centre and ranch that offer over night accommodation. The West Rim is a 2 hour drive down route 93 from Las Vegas or a 15 minute flight by helicopter.

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A Review of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Day Trip from Las Vegas with Optional Skywalk Walking on the Air
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30 December 2010

The Grand Canyon Skywalk and Hoover Dam day trip from Las Vegas is an amazing experience in everyway. If one gets a choice to accommodate the helicopter ride as well, it is recommended that one gets it added, as it is the best way to see the canyon. The helicopter ride and the skywalk is a completely breath taking experience that should be on the must-do lists of every one who visits Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk and Hoover Dam day trip starts with an entertaining bus ride to the site which was nothing but comfortable. The bus picks the visitors at 6.30 AM in the morning and the ride is very entertaining.

One gets ample time to see a minimum of two of the three primary tourists draws on the west rim. The bus driver is generally very chatty and offers a lot of anecdotes and keeps the conversation flowing. The Hoover’s Dam is an added attraction and it is great to be able to view it from such close quarters.

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