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Architectural Icons of The World - Chrysler Building New York
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14 April 2010

Architectural Icons of The World - Chrysler Building New YorkBuilt in 1930 and standing an imposing 77 floors with over a million square feet of viable space, New York City’s Chrysler Building is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world and held the record for the tallest from 1930 to 31. Chrysler is located at Turtle Bay in Manhattan and this Art-Deco style landmark is one of the city’s most famous buildings.

Walter P. Chrysler decided he wanted a skyscraper built in New York in 1928. To help him see this dream to fruition, Walter enlisted one of the top Art Deco architects in the world, William Van Alen. No stranger to complicated designs featuring elaborate exteriors with simplistic interiors, Val Alen’s design made it possible for the building to be constructed at an unheard of rate of 4 floors per week.

During the period, there was somewhat of a race among property owners to see who could build the world’s tallest skyscraper. When the Chrysler Building was completed in 1930, it held that top spot until the Empire State Building was finally completed the following year.

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