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Worlds Top Private Jets - Grob SPn
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28 September 2009

Worlds Top Private Jets - Grob SPnFounded in 1971 by Dr. Burkhart Grob, Grob Aerospace is one of today’s more reputable manufacturers of jet aircrafts, although being one of the smallest. Grob only employs a staff of 100, and are renowned for their use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer construction - their staple since the 1970s.

The brand produces basic trainers, one and two-seaters, low wing monoplanes, and, of course, high-class business jets. Their newest addition to the aircraft community is the Grob SPn Light Business Jet.

The SPn was no easy job to tackle. Grob, known for cutting-edge construction, crafted a compact and lightweight jet that would be easy on the fuel and the wallet, but heavy on the features. From the outside, the aerodynamic jet looks to curve like a banana, and with its sleek, rocket-ship-like appearance, the SPn is aesthetically more futuristic than modern.

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