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The Heavyweight of Business Aircrafts: the Gulfstream V-SP
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14 April 2011

The Gulfstream V-SP is a heavy business or private jet produced by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation back in 2003. Gulfstream V has spawned two variants, namely the G500 and G550. The latter is the upgraded descendant of the Gulfstream V-SP and is considered the pride among other business aircrafts built by Gulfstream.

The prototype of the V-SP during its early development in 2001 aimed to be the best in its class. The end product is certainly a success and by far has the record for the longest flying range among other heavy private jets. The body of the jet is also the longest built by the corporation yet and the cabin is extra spacious because of the smaller cockpit area.

High tech modern technologies are used to build this jet and as explained by the Senior Vice-President of the corporation: “14-inch LCD displays, Honeywell’s Primus Epic Avionics Suite, Gulfstream’s Signature Cursor Control Device and various other components integrated into the PlaneView cockpit, the most advanced cockpit in commercial aviation today.” Flying is made easier for the pilots as they can benefit from the PlaneView cockpit which displays information for the airports, flight, weather and also the air traffic on four separate LCD monitors.

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