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10 of the most watched Olympic Events
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05 August 2008

10 of the most watched Olympic Events

Over the years, the Olympic Games have drawn in viewers from every corner of the world. There are only a few nations on our planet who aren't represented in at least one sport. And if a person owns a television, then their eyes are probably tuned to the tube for the summer or winter Olympics. Of all the Olympic events out there, some have to be the most watched. Though it varies from year to year, simple polls give us an idea of what the public likes and what they don't. Since they do vary so, it's hard to give them in any set order 1-10. The fact is, people will always change what they like, just like the athletes will always change.

The first to make the list is volleyball. Indoor volleyball is popular, but beach volleyball received astronomical numbers in the 2004 Olympics. On both the men's and women's side, the athletes dueled like gladiators in the sand, giving their blood, sweat and tears for their chance to stand on the podium. A fast-paced, exciting sport, volleyball will remain a top-watched sport for years to come.

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