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Top Vegas Shows - The Haunted Vegas Tour
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08 January 2010

Top Vegas Shows - The Haunted Vegas TourLas Vegas is packed full of dozens of shows to see on any given night, ranging from family fun to shows of an adult-themed nature. However, going indoors to sit during a show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some like to be out and about while on vacation, and this is where the Haunted Vegas Tour and Séance can really do the trick.

Instead of buying a pricy ticket and packing into an auditorium, the Haunted Vegas Tour takes you on a tour of the city. Except, of course, these aren’t just any regular locations you’re visiting. These locations are supposedly haunted.

With American hit TV shows dealing with the paranormal like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State, ghost-lust is at an all-time high. Outside of the usual bright-light appeal of Vegas lays a dark, dreary desert. Ghost fanatics claim this is a prime location for other-worldly activity.

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