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World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Hayman Resort, Australia
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08 December 2009

World's Most Luxurious Resorts - Hayman Resort, AustraliaOff the coast of Central Queensland in Australia, the Cumberland Islands are a chain of beautiful islands and islets that stretch miles through the Pacific. Cumberland is part of the large Whitsunday Island chain, and its crown jewel is undoubtedly Hayman Island, home to the Hayman resort.

First built in the 1950s by Reg Ansett, Hayman Resort is the quintessential tourist attraction of the chain and of the 400 hectares of Hayman Island, the resort’s buildings and activity areas covers nearly everything but the beautiful beaches.

Of course, the actual resort isn’t that large, but after factoring in the various tour zones, different retail stores, golf courses and other sporting zones, the entire Hayman Island seems to be one giant resort. The location of the island itself is near perfection. When Ansett set out to choose his location for building a resort, he had carte blanche to choose any island in the Whitsunday chain. He ultimately settled on Hayman.

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