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Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Hearst Castle
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22 May 2009

Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Hearst Castle

William Randolph Hearst I is one of the most famous Americans in the country's short history. Moreover, his family name, Hearst, rivals that of the Rockefeller's. Hearst was also the inspiration for Citizen Kane, often considered one of the all-time greatest movies.

Not only is the man's name famous, but his home has an equally impressive resume. Fans of classic cinema may remember the first Godfather movie. In the classic scene where the horse head ends up in bed - that takes place in Hearst's mansion. His beautiful mansion is currently for sale on the market.

Hearst purchased the home in 1947 for $120,000 - a lot of money at the time - and its most recent owner, Leonard M. Ross, who purchased the home in 1967, put it on the market in 2006 with a price tag of $165-million.

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