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Big Apple Helicopter Tour of New York
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30 June 2011

New York has many famous buildings and landmarks, but walking around such a busy city you’ll probably miss many of them or find long queues to see the sights you want.  So why not treat yourself to the Big Apple Helicopter Tour of New York?

The tour lasts around fifteen minutes, which may not sound very long, but the agility of the helicopter along with its unrivalled access from the air, means that you’ll get to see all of the attractions during that time.  You will be able to see some of the tallest buildings at their finest, rather than straining your neck trying to look up at them.  To top it off, you sit in your own private cocoon, without anyone trying to barge past you or ask you to move along.

You’ll start at New York’s Downtown Heliport, near the financial centre of Wall Street.  Your flight will take you past the World Financial Centre, the Art Deco grandeur that is the Chrysler Building and the iconic Empire State Building, although giant apes climbing up the side may not be available.  

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Manhattan Sky Tour New York Helicopter Flight
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11 June 2011

To get a really perfect view of New York a Manhattan Sky Tour helicopter trip is simply out of this world. On arrival at the heliport passengers are greeted by a team of friendly professionals who will take them for a helicopter tour right over this amazing city. The tour lasts around 12 exhilarating minutes with a bird’s eye view of the New York skyline as the chopper soars above the most famous landmarks in the world.

From start to finish this tour has the safety of all the passengers very much at the fore front of the every tour they organise. Their friendly team shows a safety video in the hangar prior to take off to ensure that everyone is put at ease before they get on board for the ride of their lives.

The experienced pilot knows every landmark that he flies passed so passengers can get their cameras out and ready for some great shots as they fly over them. This helicopter tour is a must for any visitor to New York as it offers them a once in a life time opportunity of not only taking photos of the Manhattan skyline but it’s also a great way of learning some of the history of this great Metropolis.

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Las Vegas Night Strip Helicopter Tour
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21 May 2011

To tour Las Vegas by night in a helicopter, any time of year, is one of the top things to do on your visit to the city.  Tour companies offer spectacular views from six-seater state of the art helicopters.  These jet helicopters are renowned for their excellent manoeuvrability and many passengers have praised them for the smoothness of their flight.  This is an excellent way to see the dazzling Las Vegas Strip and is available between 6pm and 8pm, depending on the time of year.

The flights themselves last around twelve minutes, which may sound comparatively short, but it’s sufficient for you to see all the sights.  You will need to allow around an hour and half for the whole tour, due to loading and unloading plus your special champagne toast before you board.

Departing from the heliport close to the strip, you’ll start by flying past the large pyramid at the Luxor hotel, with its bright light shining up into the night sky.  You’ll see the magical dancing water fountains of the Bellagio and the legendary Caesar’s Palace, which has hosted many sporting events including World Championship Boxing Matches and Formula One Grand Prix.

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A Review of the Manhattan Private Helicopter Tour
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26 February 2011

This review of the Manhattan Private Helicopter Tour explains everything about the private tour, so that you will be better informed before making your booking. There is no better way to see the many sights and landmarks of New York City than by taking to the skies.

See it all from feet above the hustle and bustle of daily life in The Big Apple.  This trip is the perfect romantic gesture for unforgettable anniversary, memorable birthday or to just get the best view of the city for some great pictures of your vacation.

Most of the tour operators advise that you book at least 3 days in advance to avoid disappointment, as the tours are extremely popular with tourists and so seats fill up quickly. The tours are great value, and most operators charge between $120-$170.

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Review of The Eurocopter Super Puma EC225
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28 May 2010

Review of The Eurocopter Super Puma EC225Introduced to the public in 2004, the Eurocopter Super Puma Mk II+ is one of the newer models of the Eurocopter line. The company hasn’t been around for a very long time. Eurocopter showed up on the scene in 1992. Today they’re one of the larger helicopter manufacturing companies dealing on a global level. They’re ranked number-one in the industry in revenues and turbine deliveries.

Eurocopter has headquarters in France, Spain and Germany, and also a number of subsidiaries in countries like the USA, Brazil and Australia. They have dozens of helicopter models on the market, plus many more in production. Although the company isn’t very large, employing only 15,600 people, their global reach is astonishing.

The Super Puma Mk II+ is one of the best ever produced by the Eurocopter Group. It’s a favorite among nearly all heli enthusiasts and turned heads at the Paris Air Show. The copter is a long-range passenger transport model, and is the next generation in the civilian Super Puma line. In terms of average helicopters, the Super Puma is absolutely huge.

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